Tuesday, June 19, 2007

There's nothing special about tomorrow...

Last year, Sid's epitome age was 5. Every cool kid in her class was 5. The 5 year olds were called Kindergarteners. When she was 5 she could leave the Pre-K title behind. She would learn how to ride a bike. She would learn how to read. She would learn how to swim. Anything she was afraid of as a 4 year old, she could take on bravely as a 5 year old.
Sid is 5 now. And guess what...Sid's epitome age is 10. She met a girl who is 10, who can do anything Sidney can imagine ever wanting to do. Sid will surely face and beat all her fears by the time she's 10. Life will be so much better at age 10.

I chuckle, but I'm not really any different than my 5 year old. When I was in grade school, junior high was the place to be. When I was in junior high it was high school. High school, it was college. After college, I couldn't wait until I got my first real job. Then it was semester break. Summer. When I met my husband, life was going to be so much better when we got engaged. While we were planning our wedding, I couldn't wait until we were married. When we got married, everything was going to be even better when we had kids. When Sid was born, all we could wait for was when she slept through the night...rolled over... crawled... walked... talked.

Life was always going to be better tomorrow.

So much of our today is spent thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow is when we grow up, when our kids grow up, when they start school, when we can take vacation, when we retire. But today is where we are right now. Today is what we can control. Today we are here. Today is special. And Tomorrow may never come.


Anonymous said...

I love every picture and paragraph. It's fantastic.Love Mom Dent

Sarah Dent said...

This is such a fun page Heather! and I really love this blog about always looking to tomorrow, I find myself doing it - like it'll be great when I'm done with finals, graduate, get a job, laze at home, or leave and work elsewhere, get my dream job, find my calling and vocation - ahhh! If we could just learn to have peace in this moment and be satisfied with what God has given us right now and be thankful! (even if I am working at McDonalds..hehe) God bless sister.