Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kindergarten Romance

Sidney: Hey mom, did you know that boys in Kindergarten fall in love with girls.

Mom: How do you know that?

Sidney: Well, the boys write notes about it.

Mom: Did you get one of these notes?

Sidneys: Yes! Three of them.

Mom: What did they say?

Sidney: Well, Joseph's said "Joseph. Hi."

Mom: So, if a boy writes you a note that says hi, he loves you??

Sidney: Um, yeah, when it has hearts all over it!

Apparently these notes get written during "workshop" where the kids are to practice handwriting, but can write whatever they want. And the 6 boys in Sid's class of 22 are apparently quite smitten with her (and, I'm sure, many of the other girls).

I asked Sidney if she ever wrote any of these notes during workshop and she vehemently said no. Unfortunately for the boys, Sidney made it quite clear over dinner last night that she does not return their affections because she never wants to get married. It obviously conflicts with her career goals of becoming a jungle girl. (Yeah, it's not obvious to me either.)