Monday, June 4, 2007

Technology advances rock!

Introducing DVR, where you can watch more tv less.
Now I know what you're thinking...DVR/TiVo, etc have been around forever now, at least by technology standard, but it has "improved" my life in so many ways since we got it last fall that I can't stop praising it.
For about $5 more a month than we pay for our regular tv service, my husband thanks me almost everyday and tells me he loves me, simply because I persuaded him to spend the money. He can tape all sporting events, control his own replays and he doesn't even mind if we want to interact with him in the middle of the Superbowl. Pause.
We never have to watch commercials, except at the speed of lightning, I mean fast-forward.
I can watch a one hour show in less than 45 minutes, giving me at least an extra 15 minutes to spend however I want, including watching more tv if I want.
We never have to worry about when a show is coming on and can watch it whenever we want, or take a break if for some reason nap time is a lot shorter than expected. We simply pay attention to shows we might want to watch and then program the DVR to record it.
We can record reruns, only new episodes or both.
So there you have it--Watch more tv less.
If you are a tv watcher who is also busy with everyday life, DVR is for you!

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