Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Something About Mary?

Well, is there? A couple of months ago our Mary statue disappeared from our front garden area a few feet away from our front porch. Now, I know it's silly to be emotionally attached to any tangible item, but I'll admit I went through a range of emotions after Sidney made the discovery one day as we pulled out of our garage. I was surprised, judgmental and angry.
Looking back now, I realize that while it's terrible that our statue is gone, I can learn a valuable lesson from her disappearance.
Have you ever been in a disagreement with a non-fighter? Coming from a large, loud, Irish family from the East coast, I'm a fighter. I always have an opinion, and I am rarely hesitant to let someone know about it...particularly someone who doesn't share my sentiments on the topic. Now, for the most part, I'm married to a non-fighter. Someone who often says nothing in response to my angry and frustrated speeches. I find this incredibly annoying, but even more so when I know I'm wrong. At least if he tried to respond I could trip him up and make him think he's wrong. But instead I just keep talking, get more frustrated at his non-response and reproving glance, and often just want to push him down. I know...how stupid, right?
Then, we have the Blessed Mother--often pictured holding her Son, looking down on him adoringly, or standing looking down on whoever is glancing at her with a loving and sometimes sad expression. The best example of a non-fighter that I know. She's the least confrontational of all the examples of true Catholics, she rarely scolds us for our actions, but continues to love us as our own mothers do, even when we continue to fail miserably. Yet, for some reason, when others see merely a statue of the Blessed Mother, it seems to evoke so much passion, even anger and frustration. Why? Is it because they've realized that they too are arguing a losing issue? Is it because they are simply uncomfortable with themselves when they are in the presence of such a holy woman?
Wouldn't it be awesome to be such a strong witness for your faith that just your presence makes people have second thoughts about their own actions? Wouldn't it be amazing to influence others to be better people, simply because they wouldn't want to disappoint you?
Now, I doubt that our Mary statue disappeared that day because someone felt this incredible love for Our Lady, but I pray that everytime they see another image of Mary, they think of our statue, see the sad, but loving glance of the Blessed Mother and realize that they too are fighting a losing battle against a non-fighter. And I pray too, that in those moments, their hearts are changed.

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Jean said...

What a beautiful reflection. Thank you for sharing it with us!