Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Family Photos...

I now remember why we never bother to get family photos. It's completely impossible to get one we're all satisfied with. Heck, it's impossible to get one where we're all looking at the same camera. We've been told to get a professional one done--one camera, a person who knows what they're doing, nice background, etc. But I have a feeling it would just lead to a long day and the end result wouldn't be much different. One of us would think we look fat (guess who?!), the kids would be looking off in every direction, and frankly so would mom if there was a sale sign in the department store nearby.

So, the closest we come to the family photo is this...a random shot taken with several cameras, where none of us are looking at the same one. Sidney has shed some of her adorable outfit (namely the cute sweater that makes her look less like she's going to the beach and more like she's dressed for the baptism we were celebrating). Avery is actually awake and not crying, and I don't totally have a post-partum double chin. Great!

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