Sunday, March 22, 2015

Optimism or Condescension?

I know a lot of complainers. In fact, I'm a recovering complainer. Once a complainer, always a complainer, right? Well, sort of.

I can shamefully admit that I once thought that the grass truly was greener on the other side of the fence. Or it would have been, if I could have afforded to buy a yard with a fence. Or even just the fence. Or if I could have been as lucky as...but I digress.

I will admit, much like some of the twelve steppers with whom I'm familiar, I do find it difficult to completely refrain from complaining and the urge to complain often jumps to the forefront of my mouth, even in the most rosy and fabulous moments of life. But, thanks to my generally positive, optimistic husband, I am on the road to recovery. However, I am realizing that the road to being complaint-free is filled with a lot of complainers...and whiners...and cry-babies...all babbling on and on about how they've been cheated somehow, challenged harder than others (unjustly of course) get the idea.

This certainly makes it difficult for a recovering complainer to make her way in the world.  But, nonetheless, I vote, Less Complaining, More Living.  My life is not perfect.  Nor is yours.  But if we spend all of our time dwelling on the imperfect, we'd only see: the bank account not full enough; the wrinkles (heck, I'm almost 36 and not groomed at all!), the stretch marks, and the tired "life" circles under our eyes.  But why??!

No, I'm not a supermodel, nor will I ever be.  No, my husband doesn't look at me and think that nothing could be better.  Instead, life is a new challenge met everyday by a pair who has accepted that it's not all perfect, but it's our imperfection, ready for battle, conquering, and a little bit of fun along the way.  It means that every wrinkle is met with a smile, every experiment dinner with a viable takeout replacement, and laughter that makes it all good.  We can do this--as long as we keep perspective and do it as a family.  Keep on keeping on, my friends!

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